For the past two years, we've been sustainably putting out releases from our artists, working with them to put out work that we're all collectively proud of. We operate entirely from our studio, the Shed, based in Hampshire.

Over the last six months we've also begun organising and directing gigs and events in various independent spaces around London, our most popular nights taking place at the Amersham Arms in New Cross in the form of all-dayers, where we bring in friends of the label to exhibit their talent. We've also begun working with the good folks at the Brink to provide smaller, more intimate nights elsewhere in the city.

Take a look at what's on offer, have a listen to our folks, come along to a night and say hi. We love to see new faces, old faces and funny faces, and we'd definitely love to see your face.

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Welcome back to the first Big Richard gig of the year - last year we stormed the Amersham Arms with nearly a full 12 months of gigs, putting on a multitude of bands at our all-dayers and evening gigs at the New Cross venue.

Our first gig back features Scowl as headliners - we caught these guys at the MASH Zine Launch Party, and they fucking smashed it. With a mix of hardcore punk, raucous stage presence and soft troughs in their set, these guys are a band you certainly can't afford to miss.

Supporting them are Colchester based Anna's Bones who blew us away at our last gig of the year, they might even be selling their signature cacti at our merch stand (alongside some Big Richard merch) - and Dead Air, who we found at the Beehive in Bow, with their signature stoner rock sound.

Tickets are just £7, available via DICE or OTD. Please bring proof of a negative lateral flow, double vaccination, or proof of COVID recovery.


Breaching the rind of Hampshire and Surrey, Hartley Wintney's Brìe have been showcasing their debut EP, after spreading their name across the gig circuit through countless live shows in London, Brighton, Southampton and more.


Since maturing for a year in lockdown, Brìe have taken London by the teat with their overly ripe EP, “BrieP”, out now, along with fresh, riff heavy single “NOS” - which is not featured on the EP. The band is gearing up for more gigs, with plenty of fresh material under their wing to be released soon.

Check out their debut EP via the link below.


Hailing from the Emerald Isle, Kipper Gillespie is a fresh face on the London music scene. His songs are reminiscent of 90s garage rock, swept over by hints of spoken word and effortless Irish charm.


Kipper takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including the trudging, guitar centric sound of Weezer and the stripped back nature of Basement, whilst maintaining his energetic yet lacklustre vocals throughout.


His debut EP, K (Be Funny), was released on Big Richard in 2021, and features 5 tracks new and old, recorded almost entirely in Kipper's bedroom in South London.


Have a listen below.


Our latest addition to the Big Richard family, Maine are an ambient three-piece from London, consisting of varying lineups of instruments. Lead strings player Djenaba often rotates between double bass and violin, utilising a loop pedal to broaden the sound - whilst drummer / guitarist Alex will switch between his instruments to provide the backing line to Callum, who plays either the bass or the guitar on stage.

Their moody and dissonant sound has gained them a big ol' load of support from various outlets, and of course, Big Richard himself.

Have a listen to their debut single, "The Brood"-


Whilst definitely surpassing the average decibel levels of your classic mouse, these two boys hailing from Reading will tickle your inner ear with their thrustful, angsty math-punk.

Drummer and vocalist Simon seems simultaneously unable to control his body whilst contorting it to it's maximum lengths in order to whack those skins. Luke Whilloughby, guitarist and absolute god of the late-mid-set crowd invasion has got it absolutely nailed too, and the pair on stage have created an insane atmosphere around their music that somehow calmly translates into their studio work.

We're proud to present the next big thing in punk,

a band with the name of a very quiet creature included

in the title.

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