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Just like the cheese.

Brìe are a mad/cheese/post/disco-punk four piece that revolve around London, Reading, Woking and Norwich (the four major cities of the UK, according to them) - they are Lew (vocals, guitar), John (backing vocals, guitar), Dom (bass) and Owen (drums, trumpet).

The band have been steadily building a small following around London at their shows, finding time in between gigs to buckle down and record some tunes (more on that soon).


Born an abrasive post-punk ensemble from the heart of London, Man/Woman/Chainsaw are Vera (vocals, bass), Billy (vocals, guitar), Ben (vocals, guitar) Lola (drums), Emmie (keys) and Clio (violin).


Having only played their first gig in 2021 at the MASH Zine Launch Party. Their live sound shape-shifted drastically throughout the past year, adding horns, strings and backing vocals to the mix through close friends, creating a beautiful cacophony of sound.



"What do you get when you take your mother's maiden name and the name of your first pet?"


Kipper Gillespie is your classic indie-rocker, with hints of sarcasm and a pang of life-ache inside his songwriting.


Since his debut show in 2021, Kipper has released three singles, his first EP, and is currently gearing up for something huge.


Luckily for you, these guys are way louder than any rodent we've encountered. As Loud As A Mouse are Simon (vocals, drums) and Luke (guitar, other guitar, screaming frantically).

The energetic duo load up their set with emotive rhythms and melodies, stemming influences from math, punk and indie rock alike to deliver a show that - luckily for their listeners - translates perfectly into studio recordings.

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