Cover your ears, Catnip are here

The story begins about two years ago, when myself and John (now the two directors of Big Richard) were packed into a small rehearsal room in our mate Tao's nan's house, getting really sweaty and horrible. We agreed to start a band, did nothing for ages, and then finally put together a pretty good set.

The set got better, we got tighter, then we got less tight, and slowly we stopped playing together. However, I managed to salvage the recordings from my old iPhone 6 from our days in Tao's nan's house, and impulsively released them on Spotify.

Some might say that's stupid. I agree.

You can have a listen of the Catnip tunes on Spotify now, I released a demos album called "Bad for the Ears", the name fitting aptly since my one request when you listen to this album is that you do so on terrible speakers or headphones, that means nothing that costs more than 20 quid on Amazon.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to announce to whoever's reading this shit, that Catnip is now signing onto Big Richard. That's right, we're getting our shit back together, and there's no stopping us now. So watch out for that big big Catnip release coming soon to your ears. Kisses.

- Dom