Listen to No Sunshine

Hailing from the Emerald Isle, Kipper Gillespie is a fresh face on the London music scene. His songs are reminiscent of 90s garage rock swept over by hints of spoken word and effortless Irish charm. Kipper takes inspiration from a

variety of sources, including the trudging, guitar centric sound of Weezer and the stripped back nature of Basement, whilst maintaining his energetic yet lacklustre vocals throughout.

His latest release, No Sunshine, is a flurry of positivity and charm, flying in with whistle hits and twinkly guitars - having been in the making for over a year now, the new single comes from a broad horizon of releases.

"A sunny delight, a rip-roaring voyage back to the days of the 4th Velvet Underground album" - Monolith Cocktail

"With spring on its way, No Sunshine is exactly what you need to hear." - MASH Zine

Listen to No Sunshine here.