Spread that Brìe!

We're super proud to announce that we've just dropped Brìe's debut EP, 'BrieP'. Out now, the seminal Brie EP, “BrieP” is one of the rowdiest, hardest-hitting punk records of 2021. But that’s for you to judge, not us - why not take a listen to the 5 tracks (including Cum8, which was released earlier this year).

We wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who was a part of this release, rather than bore you with an attempt at marketing it again, the people who helped out with BrieP mean the world to us and have worked so hard to get this thing off the ground, so it's only fair they get their time in the spotlight.

First of all, we wanted to say cheers to everyone who worked on the artwork! Firstly, our old friend Micaela Koenig, all the way from Ecuador, designed the faces and the brie on the coin, which was then textured and rendered by Gosia Kwiatkowska, and finally the artwork was put together by Brìe guitarist and Big Richard co-director John Humphries, check it out below!

Massive props as well to Jamie Goodall from XENO Studios, who mixed and mastered the entire album. We were working on it in Joss Malcomson's (a.k.a Joss Mogli) studio. Once finished, Jamie asked if he could have the stems to remix the song for fun, but after hearing his mix we decided to send him over the full release, we all agreed he captured the sound of Brìe perfectly.

Finally we can only thank enough everyone who pre-saved, shared, and showed a little love for the album! Releasing an EP or any kind of big project is a task in itself, especially for a two man record label running during our spare time. It means a lot to us when people save the music, and are visibly enjoying it. It makes our stomachs tickle, we can't lie.

We'll be back soon with more tunes, and so will Brìe! For the meantime, sit tight and Brìe-have.

Dominik d'Entrecasteaux

Label Director + Bassist for Brìe